About Us

Akasya Ltd. is a leading international trade company;

  • Creator and owner of Greenfield Brand and Greenfield Organic Project.
  • Akasya Ltd. Head Office located in Ýzmir in the heart of Turkish agricultural trade and organic production.
  • Produce, pack and export both organic and conventional products.
  • Organize ecologicfarming in fourbig cities of Aegean region Ýzmir, Denizli, Aydýn and Manisa with more than 300farmers and 2000ha fields.
  • Exports all its driedfruit products to EU and USA.
  • Serves organic raw cotton to a wide range of countries includingEU, Far East, USAbesides Turkish textile industry.
  • 100% of production is made by contracted farmers and ginners of Akasya Greenfield Project under controlling and certification of Control Union World Group.

Ecologic Farming

Turkey is one of the best-suited countries in the world for organic cultivation due to her climatological conditions and the use of more traditional agricultural methods.

Also Turkey is the leading country in the world for organic cotton projects and organic cotton products. In general 70% ofworlds’ organic cotton needs are supplied from Turkey.

Greenfield project organizes production of organic figs, sultana raisins and cotton with about 300 farmers and 2000ha fields in the center of the Turkish agricultural production region.

Principles of Greenfield Project

  • Meeting of strict environmental requirements
  • Use of naturally grown GMO free seeds
  • Use of traditional methods to produce best quality
  • No use of artificial or chemical fertilizers
  • No use of any pesticides and herbicides
  • Minimum possible use of energy and irreplaceableraw materials
  • No use of artificial additives and colorings
  • Processing methods which ensure natural preservation
  • Packaging environment friendly with recyclable materials


Center of Farming

Our head office is located in Ýzmir,a city with its own harbor, which has vessels sailing to 6 continents every week and in the center of all organic agriculture projects. Akasya Ltd has also ecological farming projects on Cotton and Dried Fruits in other big cities of Aegean region such as Aydýn, Denizli and Manisa. It is the heart of Turkish agricultural trade and organic production of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables.