Quality Policy


In all of the areas of our activities, by keeping the human and environment health at the forefront and complying with the policy of continous improvement within the framework of the applicable law;

  • Complying primarily with agricultural, food, financial and customs legislation and all legal regulations and standards,
  • Provide the best quality product at the most competitive price,
  • Timely production, customer service, shipment and delivery,
  • Investigate & develop methods to lower the costs,
  • Provide reliable service,Ensuring complete customer satisfaction,
  • Ýncrease the customer’s market share,
  • Keeping the satisfaction of the employees and institutions&individuals that we are in commercial touch at the highest level,
  • Minimizing environmental pollution by fallowing environmental policies,
  • Ensuring efficient usage of the natural resources,In this way, being leading in the field, is our basic and permanent foundatio policy.


  • Ensuring complete customer satisfaction,
  • Reducing costs by %15 compared to the last year,
  • Avoid getting any complaints from our customers,
  • Ensuring at least 6 hours of training per year for all staff on any subject if needed,
  • Creating an effective work environment by ensuring employee\'s motivation,


  • PERFECTION: Strive for perfection in everything we do.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: “Always look for a better way.”
  • NNOVATION: Try and add innovation to everything that we do. Implement new management ideas, new manufacturing methods and new production techniques.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Respect our social surrouding and environment.
  • TEAM SPIRIT: “Being a team is being powerfull.”
  • FAIRNESS: Equal oppurtunity and individual respect.